We ship to all of the United States and Canada at this time.  We are looking into options for shipping worldwide.

This is extremely important to make the perfect cup of tea As each tea has its own perfect temperature. So we have provided on the back of each of teas a specific brewing guide.

All teas except for Green tea can be cold brewed. Oolong and white tea make some of the greatest cold teas. If you like herbal fruit blends they also work very well. Try your favorite tea and see how it taste.

Sale can be refunded only if the product has no been shipped.
If the product(s) is damaged in shipping we will provide a replacement.

We ship via Canada Post/USPS for one or two packages. Larger orders are batch shipped through DHL.

Shipping time depends on where your order is being shipped. Eastern US/Canada is 2-3 days. Western US/Canada can take up to 5 days.

We have flat rates of $7.95 which is subject to change at any time.